3 Ways to Put Shoes on A Baby

How To Put Shoes on A Baby

All parents want to take care of their baby’s feet properly. In fact, the feet of your baby will develop differently as well as at different pace than your own. Especially, their feet are very sensitive. So, it’s important to keep them healthy. This will help to prevent foot problems from occurring in the future. Most importantly, you need to your baby in order to protect their feet properly. For many parents, it’s hard to know exactly how to put tiny little shoes on their baby’s feet. Read this post to learn about 3 ways to put shoes on a baby.

Know What Type of Shoes to Buy for Babies Who are in Different Walking Stages

You need to know the best shoes for both babies having yet begun to walk and those having already began to take their first steps.

Babies needn’t wear shoes if they haven’t begin to walk. Rigid shoes may hurt your baby’s feet as well as inhibit them from developing correctly, especially they haven’t yet to walk. It’s great to choose your baby a pair of non-slip socks or booties before they begin to walk. Moreover, putting shoes on a non-walking baby can help to complement their outfit.

Purchase a good shoe once your baby begins walking. It’s important to choose a strong and flexible shoe for your baby for the first time. They will help to protect their feet as well as give them the room they need. Therefore, their feet can grow and develop properly. A good pair of shoes is also essential to protect your baby from falls.

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Remember to check how well the shoe fits when you buy your first baby’s shoe before leaving the store. Also, make sure your baby has enough room for his foot in order to move around.

Go shopping for your baby shoe in the afternoon or early evening if you want to get the right fit. In fact, their feet may be swollen during a day.

Learn How to Put Your Baby’s Shoe on Properly

Put your baby’s shoe on gently. You have to uncurl your baby’s foot gently before putting the shoe on. It’s great to put a pair of socks if you want to wear sneakers for your child. Avoid choosing too hot socks. That will help your baby breathe their feet. You should consider getting cotton and cotton blends to prevent well overheating.

Continue to gently slide the shoe onto their foot. Use one hand to stabilize your baby’s foot. Then gently stroking his foot in order to help him to relax and relax his foot.

Check your baby’s foot once the shoe is on. The shoes you choose for your baby have to fit him correctly. They shouldn’t fit too tightly as well as fit too loosely because they may cause him to develop painful blisters on his feet. Also, this will interfere with his foot receiving the proper circulation.

Be Aware of Foot Problems That Can Develop

Check for flat feet when he is walking. If your baby has flat feet, he won’t develop an arch until later on. Your baby should develop a proper arch before he is 3 years old. For the first time to walk, your baby can turn his feet inward or outward. If this condition becomes more serious, you need to take your child to a foot specialist.

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Your baby can get minor foot problems. You need to check your baby’s foot often to determine minor foot problems as athlete’s foot and blisters. These conditions may occur if his shoes do not fit properly, even for babies who are not yet walking.

Athlete’s foot can cause a rash. This condition can occur if his feet are too damp due to sweating.

Your baby’s shoes continuously rubbing against his foot is the reason causing blisters. If this condition develops, you need to have them checked out by your pediatrician. This condition can also cause your baby a small fever.


Baby shoes are wonderful things because they are so cute and so tiny. Nowadays, there is a wide range of cute options for your baby in many different brands. However, you need to consider these tips to be sure you get a pair of shoes that fit your baby properly. Also, thanks to 3 simple ways above, you can easily put shoes on your baby.

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