5 Things You Need to Avoid When You Have a Toothache


Toothaches can be excruciating to undergo, but they occur whenever there is damage to the nerve endings by the tooth. Other causes are:

  • Tooth decay
  • Plaque
  • Dental ailments
  • Loss of tooth
  • Injuries to the tooth

Knowing that toothache can ruin your day, it is better to avoid foods that can aggravate tooth sensitivity or damage. Quite a lot of meals and options are available that you do not necessarily have to chew.

Avoid the Following

  1. When you have a toothache, be sure to avoid hard, sweet or hot meals and drinks. Put off these entire till you consult a dentist.
  2. Chemical damage to gum tissues result when you apply pain-relieving gels or paste to an infected gum. Be sure to avoid this practice.
  3. Only give medication to kids based on physician’s prescriptions.
  4. Keep to the dose of drugs (antibiotics and antiseptics to be precise ) recommended at all times as you might never know what excessive damage you can do to your oral health.
  5. Do not rush to take painkillers unless your dentist prescribes such for severe aches in your tooth

5 Things You Need to Avoid When You Have a ToothacheSafeguards       

  1. Be gentle when carrying out a dental floss to eliminate food particles trapped in cavities.
  2. Antiseptic creams are all over themedia, but you should only use them after your dentist gives the green light.
  3. Gargling with a mix of salt and warm water will give you some relief from a toothache if you are yet to get medication.
  4. Cold compress carefully applied on the cheeks can help with relief if the ache was caused by any tooth trauma.
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What to Eat

It is healthy to think of what to eat when faced with aches in your tooth since a wrong meal can aggravate the situation.  Here is an outline to help you:

  1. Baked potatoes 

Potato is easy to bake and since this takes a few minutes to accomplish, it is one meal that come up tops when faced with a nagging tooth.

Since this meal is soft and requires no chewing, you can have your fill to your heart’s content and baked potatoes are such a big hit for tender teeth. You can spice it up with cheese and other range of spices to rev up the flavors.

  1. Soup 

Soups from chicken, vegetables, fish or lamb, can be awesome when you have to tip-toe around the teeth when eating.

It is preferable to allow these soups cool off so that you can enjoy them with no minimal discomfort after they are prepared. Remember that hot meals do no good to a nagging tooth.

  1. Sandwich

Sandwich is soft and easy on your palate, and when faced with a tooth that is one edge, you can play your tongue after this delight and be satiated.

You can add eggs in salad form add cheese by the slices or dab some layers of peanut butter over it.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt can be eaten to keep hunger away, and it can also serve as a filling when added to other meals. Since it is soft and succulent, you can add it to baked potatoes and make a sweet combo out of these.

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This beats the pain of a toothache so that you do not have to be in hunger while thrashed by oral pains.

  1. Cottage cheese

 Cottage cheese can be swallowed once rolled over your tongue and gum a few times. Cottage cheese takes little of no effort to get this ready for digestion. This is a good fit for toothache scenarios.

Cottage cheese can stand on its own as a combo or get added to like meals.

  1. Spaghetti

Spaghetti is easy to chew, roll over in your mouth and swallow. Since it has no effect on the toothaches, it is a fitting meal to eat when the nagging tooth pain arises.

  1. Ice cream

 Ice cream is a yummy delight when toothaches lurk around the corner. Ice cream is reputed to have some power of relief when you have pains around your tooth. If you have milk frothier, enrich your cream for a healthy treat.


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