How to Run Properly: The Correct Technique & Form

How to Run Properly: The Correct Technique & Form

Running comes naturally to us.

Every one of us is made differently as far as physical characteristics are concerned how we run fast depends upon over physical conditioning form as well as style of running

However when it comes to various competitions, athletics, or competitive sports like football, hockey, basketball the person who is fitter and has a better technique, wins.

Therefore, in order to win in a competitive sport or a race you have practice hard and adopt a style that puts you at an advantage.

Aspects to Keep In Mind to Run Properly

There are many aspects that you should keep in mind.

Some of these are –

  1. Wearing well-fitting clothes and correct type of sports equipment

When it comes to performing well in any sporting event, it is important to ensure that you wear the correct type of sports equipment; including the clothes.

The Clothes should be airy and well fitted so that they do not cause any discomfort by hindering free circulation of blood, or cause unnecessary pressure or pinch your skin at any point.

It is also important to see the kind of shoes that you wear. They should be well fitting with a good cushioned sole that offers a good landing support when you move.

In case you are taking part in races then wearing good quality spikes will help you in gain traction and make you run with a better timing.

  1. The importance of maintaining correct posture

While maintaining a correct posture while sitting, standing or walking, in running or competitive sports it can make all the difference.

How you carry yourself and how you maintain your posture during movement ensures that your body does not get any undue strain and is stress-free to perform optimally.

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Bad posture does not only have effect by way of stress and strain but also can lead to excessive tiredness and fatigue, and at times can even cause injury!

Therefore, it is important that you wear the correct type of sports equipment and keep your body well balanced while running.

This can happen only by trying to overcome the defects as you carry out your regular practices under a watchful of your coach or peer group. Also, pay a heed to the suggestions of the teammates during a game.

  1. Regular Working Out

Many sportspersons do not realize this, but even if you are taking part in races or any other sports event, a regular work out at the gym is important.

This helps in building up your muscular strength as well as stamina to help you run properly.

Sports persons who carry out regular workouts in addition to practices for the individual sports perform much better than those who confine themselves to practicing for the own events only.

  1. The Importance of Strides, Correct Technique & Form

The importance of strides, correct technique & form is obvious when it comes to track events

Everything else being equal, the way you take the strides makes all the difference in your performance at the finish line!

  1. Form and Strides

While strides may be natural to an extent, they can also be improved by way of professional guidance that a runner receives.

Long, steady strides and well a balanced body posture is a mark of a good runner.  At the same time, to be a winner you should also have the matching stamina to Run Properly.

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Your form, therefore, dependents directly upon the amount of hard work you do.

How to Run Properly: The Correct Technique & Form

This can be done by adopting measures like –

Correction in the Running Posture-

  • It is important to look ahead while running.
  • Keep the knees straight in line
  • Keep the shoulders relaxed
  • Adopt a rhythm that generates a constant powerful momentum
  • Wear the right kind of shoes fitted with spikes
  • Adopt the techniques that give you a longer and a more stable stride.
  • Practice under the expert guidance of a coach and adopt changes.

The Effect of Breathing Correctly

We generally take breathing for granted and do not pay attention to the fact that the breathing exercises are vital to building up stamina as well as preventing fatigue.

Correct breathing also helps you in maintaining the body’s rhythm while running.

The right way of breathing will ensure that you do not do not get tired and run with long powerful strides right until the end.

Importance of Regular Practice and Hard Work

Regular practice and hard work are very important for any athlete. Therefore, for understand how to run properly: the correct technique & form, it is important to know the following facts-

  • Developing good Strides – This depends upon how well developed your thigh muscles are; hence it is important to go for a regular workout and pay special attention to the development of the leg muscles.
  • Doing practices regularly- Carrying out practices in a gradually increasing manner will help you achieve a correct posture and form. It will ensure that you excel by giving out your best performance.
  • Body movement – Moving your body correctly with legs, arms and hands in harmony with each stride; along with correct breathing technique will ensure that your body does not get tired and you can finish the competition with adequate energy.
  • Wearing shoes with spikes – This will ensure that you have a good grip as you move ahead. These shoes have an added advantage that they are comparatively lighter in weight and that would make you feel you less tired.
  • Correct Foot-strike – Finally it is the foot that takes the entire weight of the body as it moves forward at a faster pace and hence, the way you place your feet at every stride is bound to have an effect on the performance. Not only that, how the each foot lands also determines the pressure that gets transmitted to the knees and hip joints. Therefore, the foot- strike should be in a smooth rolling motion. Fewer jerks will reduce the chance of injury. It will also make the body move smoothly.
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While all these instructions may look overwhelming, they offer a practical solution to achieving a winning performance.

By paying attention to these minor details and adopting a relaxed running technique with a perfect coordination between the movements of the body are sure to make you a winner at any track event.

Jessica Natalie is a health and fitness lifestyle blogger who is passionate about running and wants to spread the love on her blog

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