The Best Tips on How to Increase Fertility

Tips on How to Increase Fertility

Many women are very excited about the prospect of having a child but don’t know exactly where to start. Below are some helpful tips for fertility, and  advice for having a smooth, healthy pregnancy.

Fertility In Women

  • Timing

Timing is the most important factor in optimal fertility. There is a five day window of time in which a woman can get pregnant. These five days lead up to the woman’s ovulation. This is when the egg is ready to be fertilized by the sperm.

Your chances of getting pregnant increases the closer you get to the day of ovulation.

Another important aspect of timing that needs to be considered is age. The 20s are the best age group for conceiving a child. The possibility of having a child generally begins declining around 30. After the age of 40, the likelihood of having a child without taking any extra fertility measures, such as in vitro fertilization, is less that 5% each month. The older you get the smaller quantity of eggs you have. It comes down to probability. The less eggs you release, the less chance there is for one to be fertilized.

Increasing Fertility

  • Food

Switching your protein intake from meat to vegetables can increase your fertility. Kale, corn, lima beans, and peas are all a great source of protein, containing anywhere from 1 to 12 g of protein in 1 cup of the vegetable. Make sure to give your man some veggies too. High doses of folate in a man’s diet can improve the health of his sperm.

There is surprising evidence, showing that high-fat dairy products can actually increase fertility. Reason being that fat-free dairy products lack estrogen, and contain male hormones and insulin which can decrease fertility. High levels of insulin can impede ovulation so it is important to ingest complex carbs that your body can easily digest. So that means yes for ice cream ladies! But whole wheat bread and olive oil can also keep insulin at bay if you want to keep it healthy.

  • Vitamins and Supplements
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Zinc is a great fertility supplement for men and women. Foods with high levels of zinc include oysters, whole grain, crabs/lobster, and dairy. Folic Acid is a vitamin that is effective for fertility. It helps the mother create more blood cells while she is pregnant.

You can get this vitamin intake in citrus fruits and veggies. Multivitamins are ideal for ovulation. Coenzyme Q10 can improve the quality of a woman’s eggs. So this could be a great supplement for older women trying to conceive. Another great supplement for middle-aged women is Omega 3.

This fatty acid can improve the quality of the embryo and is used for in vitro treatments. You can get this supplement naturally in fish or nuts. Iron is very important when a woman is pregnant. Now that they are growing someone inside of them they need to create more blood cells. You can get iron in red meat, but a great alternative is dark-colored veggies or pumpkin seeds.
How to Increase Fertility

A Natural Pregnancy — Living Organic

  • Healthy Eating

Eating organic is a natural way to ease your pregnancy journey. One of the biggest advantages to eating organic food is that they have no pesticides. Things like pesticides and growth hormones can sometimes pass through the placenta and reach your baby.

This can lead to complications like birth defects, asthma, and other issues. That is an unsettling thought so a great alternative is organic food. So mothers, eat cage free eggs for breakfast and free-range chicken for dinner! As for your babies, make sure to feed them organic baby foods and juice.

  • Exercising
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Along with a healthy diet, you want to make sure that you’re staying fit. So often we associate fit with skinny, so pregnant women think, “What’s the point?”. You and your baby’s health is the point. If you exercise throughout your pregnancy you can almost certainly have a healthier, easier journey.

Working out while pregnant can relieve stress and back pain. Swimming can relieve nausea and can ease pain in your joints and swollen ankles. Taking a walk is one of the most convenient forms of exercise. Walking is great to get your blood circulating.

Group workouts are also a great way to get your blood pumping and it can really lift your spirits! Pregnant women are more comfortable doing indoor cycling, same benefits, less dangerous than outdoor cycling. Prenatal yoga and exercising during pregnancy are great for flexibility.

  • Skin Care

Natural skin care products are also very important. Not only does the baby need safe skin-care but so does the mother while pregnant. You’d be surprised about what is capable of passing through the mother’s bloodstream to the placenta. There are even “natural” skincare products with toxins in them so you must be very careful.

Children are extremely vulnerable to the dangers of toxic skin lotions and creams. Phthalates are potentially dangerous and can cause reproductive issues over a long period of time. Every mom loves a beach day, but be very wary of sunscreens. While some sunscreens protect your child from the bright sun rays, they can also contain toxic chemicals. The best way to ensure that your child is safe is to choose edible skincare. You wouldn’t eat something with harmful chemicals so it is a great rule of thumb.

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Stay away from fragranced lotions and creams. Consider making your own baby wipes with cotton pads and soapy water. Bar soaps are usually safe. Do not rely on baby wipes and other secondary cleaning techniques. Instead, clean your baby more frequently with soap and water. You want to stay away from anti-bacterial products as they can destroy good bacteria that your vulnerable baby needs to fight off germs. I’ll give you a list of some major ingredients to avoid, petrolatum, benzyl/isopropyl alcohol, fluoride, oxybenzone, and boric acid.

So remember to consider everything from the food you eat to the lotion you apply. I know that all of this can seem overwhelming. To have to carry a baby for nine months and worry about all of this is a lot for anyone to handle. But I assure you, it will pay off in the end. The ability to give life is a phenomenon in itself, but to cherish the life that you create, that is what really matters.

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