Turmeric Health Benefits, Side Effects & RDA

turmeric health benefits

health benefits of turmeric

What is turmeric?
Turmeric is a condiment extracted from the root of the Curcuma longa plant. This condiment is extremely popular and appreciated in the Indian subcontinent. It is used in the alimentation, in healing for almost 4000 years.

what are Turmeric Health Benefits?
This amazing condiment has more than 500 benefits and destroys the cancer cells. Turmeric is considered to be the most powerful natural antioxidant which exists. Because of it’s compositions, curcuminoids and active biological substances, this condiment protects the organism against bacterias. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and it reduces the pain caused by arthritis or osteoporosis. Used for centuries for healing, is was proved by a study that it’s properties have a good effect against arthritis. Also, it can contribute to the inflammations caused by asthma.

What are Turmeric tea benefits?
If you didn’t tried the Turmeric tea until now, I offer you some good reasons why you should enjoy it pretty often:

-it stops the clogging of the arteries and included in this the apparition of arteriosclerosis or even cardiovascular problems.

-it prevents the progress of cancer or leukaemia.

-it keeps the liver healthy, because it helps to eliminate the toxins from this organ

-it has powerful analgesic effects, takes the pain away and the inflammations caused by different affections.

-it’s a really good help in the diets, all because it has a really important role in burning the fats.

-the tea can be a good help during a depression because of it’s antioxidant properties.

Turmeric benefits for skin
Not only that it gives a plus of aroma and colour to the food, but the Turmeric can be used in other purposes like the cosmetic ones. Rich in antioxidants and other active ingredients beneficial for the skin, turmeric became an essential ingredient in the beauty rituals.

It postpones and reduces the aspect of the wrinkles, it fights strong with acne, it stops the apparition of facial hair and gives your face the light it needs.

What is recommended daily amount(RDA)?
If you want to use this special condiment to give an amazing flavour to your food, 0.20 grams is enough. If you want to administrate powder, you need to use half a spoon three times a day in a combination with a fruit smoothy. Root infusion must be prepared from a spoon from the root at one cup of water, you can consume two cups a day. If your choice is to use tincture, 15-20 drops a day should be enough for you to benefit from it’s amazing properties.

What are Turmeric side effects and precautions?
Clinical data suggest that the big consumption of turmeric root can take you to several health problems which can vary from an easy inflammatory reaction to cardiac arrhythmia. A few reported side effects are:

-allergic reactions

-problems of the gallbladder

-gastro intestinal problems


-hepatic problems

-interaction with medicaments

-uterine contractions

Used in big quantities, turmeric root can produce gastric irritation. If you use it in the traditional way as a condiment for a food, gastric ulcer is really frequent. People who use a anticoagulant treatment need to use the turmeric root under medical observation and with precaution.

Turmeric root has lots of benefits when it’s consumed in smaller doses than 500 mg. For good results and no secondary effects, it’s suggested to avoid a bigger dosage.

Turmeric Recipes
Turmeric milk– this combination acts like an inhibitor for the viral activities of the throat and is really good for the stomach and to relax. If you drink it before sleep it calms the nerves, anxiety and gives you a good sleep.

Ingredients: – one cup of milk

– 1/4 spoon of turmeric

– a small stick of cinnamon

– a small spoon of brown sugar

Zucchini and tomato soup- a warm soup, rich in vegetables is a good gastric treatment. This soup helps your stomach to be in a good balance and because of it’s turmeric secret ingredient it has an amazing aroma and incredible medical benefits.

Ingredients:- one butter spoon

– two onions

– sliced zucchini

– chopped tomatoes

– 2 spoons of flour

– 1/2 spoon of turmeric

– 2l of chicken soup

  1. Melt the butter in a pan, add the onions and the zucchinis and leave it for 5 minutes on the fire.
  2. Add the tomatoes and the flour. Leave it on the fire a few more minutes, mixing continuously. Add the turmeric and the soup, put the cover and let it boil for 30 minutes.
  3. Put everything in a blender when it’s ready to boil. Make it as creamy as you like. Serve the soup hot with croutons.

This soup recipe is for 8 portions. It has 90 calories, 4g proteins, 12g carbohydrates, 3g fat, 4g fibres, 8g sugar and 0,8g salt per portion.

Turmeric is a truly extraordinary phytonutrient, with outstanding properties, being well known for its anti cancer effect. This small plant from India is an incredible medicinal plant and an aromatic condiment. I presented you only a part of its multiple benefits but I hope I managed to catch your attention and to challenge you to use it more often in your life.

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