Weight Loss and Exercise: It Begins With Your Mindset

Weight Loss and Exercise

It’s a battle nearly everyone faces. After all, probably everyone has heard the statistics: more and more Americans are overweight and out of shape. The trouble is, what are we doing about it? Not very much.

This is where the problem lies. Do we want to lose weight? Most emphatically, yes. Do we do it by forcing ourselves to perform the most effective method of losing weight, exercising? Most emphatically, no.

How to Solve the Problem

Doctors, nutritionists, sociologists, psychologists, and much more have struggled to solve this problem for years. It’s not a matter of teaching Americans how to get fitter and healthier. It’s a matter of getting them to do what they have to do to get fitter and healthier.

Unfortunately, these good-intentioned people are fighting against a number of well-entrenched forces. These include food makers and sellers who infuse their products with fat and other substances with the intent of making them taste better, but it’s really done just to make us keep coming back, money in hand, for more.

And if this isn’t enough, there’s the other side of the coin that Americans find it difficult to motivate themselves to deal with: lack of exercise. Most Americans find it nearly impossible to get themselves out the door for a walk, much less to get to a gym to put in a little sweat equity for a longer and healthier life.

This is especially noteworthy since an ever growing number of Americans purchase a gym membership every year, but only a minuscule percentage of those actually show up to do the work.

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If you doubt that, enter into any gym on January first of any year, then compare how busy it is less than a month later. Want to change your life? Why not begin by walking every day, regardless of the weather? Check out Treadmills on the market in 2016

The Equation to End All Equations

The trouble with all of this boils down to mathematics. The truth is that losing weight is simply a matter of numbers. It’s much like a bank account. If you put in more than you take out, your bank account swells. So it is with your body.

If you consume more calories than you burn off, your body will swell. It’s that easy. On the other hand, if you consume a certain number of calories but regardless of the actual numbers, you burn off more calories than you consume, you will get fitter, and lose weight.

Much of this problem is centered around the fact that most people go about their daily lives having little or no idea of how many calories they take in. They might prepare a meal, again using fatty, highly-processed foods, then consume them without having any knowledge whatsoever of how many calories they are consuming, and what those calories contain.

To make matters worse, instead of motivating themselves to exercise in order to burn off those calories, they live increasingly sedentary lifestyles, which allows the increasing number of calories they consume to grow and make them fatter. This, in turn, makes them more prone to a wide variety of illnesses that continues to kill us.

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What’s the Real Solution?

Huger numbers of experts have attempted to solve this problem with their lengthy–and dare we say, well-financed–solutions, only to be faced with larger numbers of fat Americans.

Then they go back to their laboratories, slip on their lab jackets, and go about coming up with the next generation of solutions when the real solution is deeper and more visceral than perhaps anyone has ever considered.

Americans need to wake up to what they are doing to themselves They need to live on another planet to not have received the news that what they are doing is killing them, just as slowly and surely as anything, and do what they need to do to reverse the process. What needs to be done to do this? Make it fun.

Americans need to understand that doing what they need to do to achieve the desired results is actually fun. Instead of blindly loading their plates with unhealthy foods and their desk drawers with sugary snacks, they need to create methods of knowing exactly what they eat and how much.

Further, they need to each gather the gumption to step out the door for some exercise, even if it is something as easy and inexpensive as walking around the block. From here the math is easy: did I lower my calories while increasing the burn?

Once people really understand and appreciate what they have done for themselves and their loved ones by doing this will the learn to enjoy what they are doing to get the desired results.

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