What is Inversion Therapy? How is it helpful?

Inversion therapy

An Introduction to Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy is a popular technique for curing back pains and aches, where you are suspended upside down though some support in order to stretch your spine.

Inversion therapy has been around for quite a long time. It is immensely popular among people who suffer from back and spine problems. Although there has been no proven scientific evidence supporting inversion therapy, there have been more than its fair share of cases where the concerned have reported desired and positive outcomes through its intended use.

The Theory and Objective of Inversion Therapy:

To carry out this unique form of exercise, you are suspended upside down with the intention of decompressing your spine. In doing so, the pressure eases and shifts off your spine. As pressure decreases, your spine is stretched to its maximum potential, allowing for traction.

The basic objective of the technique and process of inversion therapy is to cure you back problems. As weight and pressure that acts on your spine are decreased, correct positioning and alignment of the spinal disks as well as vertebrae is heavily supported. This helps relieve back pain as well as prevent many other such problems.

The Target Group of Individuals:

If you suffer from lower back pains, then inversion therapy is the ideal sort physical therapy for you. While it has been successful in curing and preventing a lot many problems, it is highly recommended for and mainly targets people who are the victims of chronic back pain, arthritis and other bone or joint problems, sciatica, spondylitis and many associated circulation problems as well. It’s use helps stretches your back, improving circulation throughout the whole body at the least. It is also beneficial for people with skilled disk problems.

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How Inversion Therapy Works:

Here is how inversion therapy aids in recovering from your back and spinal problems. When your back is stretched, maximum possible traction is provided to the spine. By decreasing and shifting gravitational pressure of you spins, it instigates the correct positioning and alignment of the spinal disks. This also stimulated the presence of more cerebrospinal fluid or CSF. CSF is the protective fluid that surrounds both your spinal cord and brain from impact and shock.

Inversion therapy also decreases inflammation and removes waste from the spinal region of the body through better and improved circulatory mechanism of the body.

Inversion Therapy Equipment:

There are many sorts of equipment for inversion therapy out there in the market, each varying in cost and effect from model to model as well as the type. You just need to do some homework beforehand, review different products and then make a choice for yourself if you want to try your hand at inversion therapy. Here are three basic and easily accessible inversion therapy devices for you to consider;

1. Inversion Tables

Inversion tables offer the most effective form of inversion therapy. They enable you to stretch your back while you are suspended upside down. Their effectiveness generally varies from one model to another. Ranging between a hundred dollars to over four hundred dollars, the best inversion tables are very comfortable to use and stand in. The best inversion tables also give you the alternative of exercising with their wide.

2. Inversion Seats

Inversion chairs work in a completely similar fashion to inversion tables, but the difference is that you actually have to sit in them. While inversion chairs may not be as effective as inversion tables in function, they still do the job. Typically, an inversion chair costs about as much as an inversion table.

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3. Inversion Boots

Just as the name suggests, this piece of inversion equipment works like boots. Basically, these bands are wrapped around your ankles to support your upside down position while you use other inversion devices.

The Advantages of Inversion Therapy:

There is a reason, or rather many of them, why inversion therapy is so popular. Inversion therapy has been advantages and thus, is very beneficial for your health. Here are only a few of them;

1. Reduces and Cures Back Pains

The primarily and most observed benefit of inversion therapy is to not only reduce, but also to eventually cure back pains.

2. Increase Strength and Flexibility

Since Inversion therapy helps in stretching you back, thereby increasing spinal disk spaces, it not only increases flexibility and strength, but also improves body posture.

3. Improves Circulation

Inversion therapy improves your circulation and thus, improves your the transport and absorption of moisture.

4. Reduces Headaches

By reducing the pressure on your nerve endings, inversion therapy also aids in reducing headaches.

5. Reduces Stress

Through stretching at the optimum angle, inversion therapy acts to reduce your stress levels by reducing muscle spasms.

6. Realign Spinal Disks

Inversion therapy at an angle of sixty degrees aids in realigning your spine by reducing gravitational pressure.

7. Prevents and Cures Some Other Problems

In addition to this, inversion therapy is also known to cure sciatica, scoliosis, arthritis and spondylitis etc. It also aids in preventing many bone and joint disorders.


Though a lot of research is still to be carried out, inversion therapy has definitely provided the concerned with positive results in many cases.

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